Our Advisors

John Safin, CEO, Chief Encouragement Officer, C & C Business Advisors. ccbizadvisors.com

John Safin

Chief Encouragement Officer

John Safin offers expertise in marketing, communications, and public relations. He has experience with enhancing business operations, maximizing profits, and creating repeatable processes.

He has a passion for solving puzzles. What does that mean to you? He believes there's a way to make ideas and dreams come true and overcome challenges.

Using an effective mix of modern tactics and conventional practices coupled with leveraging technology, John's methods encourage audience engagement, broadens name recognition, and attracts potential clients while retaining existing customers.

John provides innovative and successful strategies for companies in the B2B, B2C, B2G, and nonprofit worlds.  He develops strong relationships with staff, clients, stakeholders, and media representatives to elevate your business.

Are you ready to reach your next level? Contact John to arrange a casual, no obligation conversation to see if there's a match.


  • Marketing-Communications: 33 years
  • Marketing-Sales: 27 years
  • Hospitality-Restaurant-Bar: 27 years
  • Economic Development: 15 years
  • Lobbyist: 13 years
  • Event Promotion-Production: 35 years
  • Management: 39 years

"I can say that I have been impressed with John's ability to pick up material quickly, implement it, and have the initiative to start thinking in terms of what goals need to be and how to get them accomplished. John has set the bar very high for any consultant." - Brandon, district director, pizza restaurant