Why Outsource Your Marketing?

From The Ascent, a Motley Fool Service, to help you determine why you should outsource, what aspects of your small business marketing you should outsource, and the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

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How can we provide guidance for your business

We collaborate with you and your team to determine your business and marketing goals, create a strategy that's cost-effective, and provide the best options for results.

Consulting for your company 20 hours a month.

  • Discuss company offerings, budget, and current goals.
  • Review current and other marketing/communications activities.
  • Develop strategies focusing on your most critical issues and opportunities.
  • Strengthen areas as needed while reducing potential risks.
  • Train staff on new processes and procedures
  • Provide regular strategy oversight based on a schedule that works best.
  • Option for additional class sessions on topics important to your business.
  • Status check session forty-five days after the wrap-up.
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Have Your Own Marketing Department

We bring attention to your business, engage customers, and increase your brand identity as your fractional marketing team. Skilled professionals working on your behalf for a minimum of ninety days without traditional payroll costs and commitments.

A dedicated marketing expert for 20 hours each month.


  • Develop and execute marketing campaigns within budget.
  • Direct creative development of branding, advertising, and other promotional materials.
  • Write blogs, press releases, website content, articles.
  • Publish monthly newsletters including writing/editing copy and design and manage distribution.
  • Manage social media platforms.
  • Website optimization.
  • Data analysis.


  • Coordinate public relations activities.
  • Work with external partners and third parties.
  • Build relationships with media companies.
  • Build relationships with stakeholders and potential partners.
  • Manage media inquiries and interview requests.
We do the marketing communications work for you. ccbizadvisors.com

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