Go Musk Yourself!

Go Musk Yourself

Most likely you’ve heard about Elon Musk’s answer when asked about some corporations refusing to advertise on X platform. You may or may not agree with his message or tone even after listening to his entire two-minute response, but there is a learning takeaway from this incident. It’s a reminder that you have the ability to fire the worst customers and people from your business and personal life.

Firing a customer/client can be an unpleasant thing to do. It’s short-term discomfort towards an improved future. Some clients simply need to go away, and you would zestfully help them to leave.

Know when to fire a customer:

  • They’re overly demanding or constantly complaining about small things.
  • A business hypochondriac imagining problems that take your time to prove there’s nothing wrong.
  • You’re losing money because of their demands or they’re asking for too many free products/services.
  • Their neediness takes you away from your profitable clients.
  • They do or are perceived to do activities that are unethical, questionable, or illegal all of which could jeopardize your company and your reputation.
  • Show disrespect to you and your employees.
  • Consistently don’t pay on time.

Running out of oxygen or money are two reasons to be concerned. Anyone interfering with your business’s ability to make revenue smoothly and consistently is a problem at the very least or a clear and present danger at worst. Keep your operation running like a machine by removing the gunk.

Similar rules apply to challenging people:

  • Are they overly demanding or constantly complaining about everything?
  • Are they wasting your time by always being late or canceling at the last minute?
  • Are they doing anything unethical, questionable, or illegal that could jeopardize your reputation?
  • Do they always ask to borrow money or personal items or favors?
  • Do you have to remind them to pay back the money or return your personal item?
  • Do they rarely or never help you when asked?
  • Are they disrespectful to you or your other friends?

Remember the 80/20 Rule, or the Pareto Principle, as originally conceived. This statistical rule shows eighty percent of the outcome is a result of twenty percent of the cause. This mean one person out of 5 people in your life are making it more wonderful. That same rule applies to the problem person who’s making things more difficult for you.

It’s your life, your business, and your choice to make improvements. Sometimes the choice is difficult but necessary. Always do what you think is best for you.

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